Thursday, January 16, 2014


The last time I spent $29.99 on cassettes was when I purchased the Led Zeppelin box set with my football pool winnings back in 1990.

But this killer looking new reissue of MF Doom's seminal 2000 rap masterpiece Operation: Doomsday is inspiring me to save up my pennies or bet on the Superbowl this year, whatever comes to mind first...

Here's the spiel from Rappcats:

MF DOOM’s OPERATION DOOMSDAY, independently produced and released, stripped down hip-hop in all it’s glory, came out on Bobbito’s Fondle ‘Em label in 1999, cementing the MC’s return to the scene after his early years in the group KMD. As the story and legend goes, he’d been chewed up and spit out of the major label system, lost his brother and musical partner Subroc, he’d disappeared, he’d returned to the stage with a rocking a mask and obscured identity. In under two years, OPERATION DOOMSDAY was already reissued on another label with an altered track list.

During the time we started working with DOOM on the Madvillain record, DOOMSDAY went out of print, got bootlegged and somewhere along the way emerged as a hip-hop classic. DOOM’s own imprint Metalface Records finally re-issued the definitive version of the remastered album in 2011 – a CD (in a lunch box) and metal-covered 4LP set was released.

Rappcats is proud to present Metalface’s cassette edition of OPERATION DOOMSDAY, a metal box set containing two cassettes – tape 1, the original album and original cover by Lord Scotch 79 (Blake “KEO” Lethem) on the first tape; tape 2, the instrumentals, b-sides and alternate versions, along with the 2011 album cover by Jason Jagel. 42 tracks total, weighing 2LB, limited to 1200 pieces. Exclusive shipping at begins January 27. Worldwide release date is February 18. Official Metalface Records release.

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