Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Punk/hardcore luminaries OFF! have announced the impending release of their new full length Wasted Years. Slated to arrive April 8, 2014 from Vice Records, the LP is simply the most direct and unprocessed realization of OFF!'s mission yet. In an attempt to capture the sonic embodiment of the album's thematic darkness, the album was self-recorded live to 8-track ½" tape in the quartet's practice space, with a minimum of overdubs and an inability to punch in (i.e. every performance is an unedited take). Recorded immediately after writing was completed, the record captures vocalist Keith Morris, guitarist Dimitri Coats, bassist Steven McDonald, and drummer Mario Rubalcaba in the act of bringing its 16 palpably visceral songs to life. Check the ever-incredible artwork from the great Raymond Pettibon (Black Flag, Sonic Youth) to your right. Cool, aye?

Due 4/8/14 on Vice Records
1. Void You Out
2. Red White and Black
3. Legion of Evil
4. No Easy Escape
5. Over Our Heads
6. Hypnotized
7. It Didn't Matter To Me
8. Exorcised
9. Death Trip on the Party Train
10. I Won't Be a Casualty
11. All I Can Grab
12. Time's Not On Your Side
13. Meet Your God
14. Mr. Useless
15. You Must Be Damned
16. Wasted Years

OFF! at Club Europa NYC

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